Under 21? Free condoms are available across West Sussex

C Card Scheme


What is the C-Card Scheme?

If you are aged 13-21, you can join the C-Card scheme to get free condoms, confidential advice and a Chlamydia testing kit from venues across West Sussex. If you are over 21, free condoms are available from all of our clinics. 


How do I join the scheme?

Go to a C-Card Registration venue and have a chat with a professional.  Once you’re registered, they’ll give you a C-Card and condoms.


How do I get more condoms?

Go to any Registration or Distribution venue. They’re easy to find and they’ll display the C-Card sign in their window.  You need to take your C-Card as they’ll need to tick the back to show they’ve given you condoms.


What happens if I have unprotected sex or a condom breaks?

If you don’t use any other form of contraception, you need to think about emergency contraception as soon as possible.


Do I have to be sexually active to get a C-Card?

No, having a C-Card is not just about whether you’re having sex – it’s also about getting the right advice so you can look after your sexual health and wellbeing. That means you’ll be prepared for when you are having sex.

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