Text messages

What our text messages look like 

During your journey through West Sussex Sexual Health, we will keep in contact you mainly via text messages. We have highlighted a few of our most frequently used messages so it is clear what each message means. 


Appointment reminder

If you have a booked appointment you will receive a reminder text. If you are unable to attend, please be fair to other patients and cancel your appointment as soon as you can.  Its now even easier to cancel your appointment, simply respond CANCEL to the text message.  Please note that any cancellations made over the weekend will not be processed until the following Monday.  Unfortunately, we do not have the facility to reschedule appointments over text message.  If you need to reschedule your appointment please call our central booking line on 01903 285199.

Contact after you have attended for testing

After attending the clinic for testing, you will receive a message to confirm the result. Below is an example of a negative and positive message. 


Negative message 

Positive message 

Depending on the type of infection found, the layout of this message may be different or have additional information that if specific to the care you have either received or may need. 


Repeat testing needed 

Occasionally there may be an issue with the processing of your test. In the rare event of this happening, we will contact you via text to arrange another appointment for retesting. 


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