Pre Implant fit

Pre Implant fits


If any of the following statements apply to you, you will need a pre-fit telephone consultation:

  • I have an implant in place and have developed heart disease or had a stroke or TIA in the last 3 years.
  • I have abnormal vaginal bleeding or discharge which has not been investigated.
  • I have ongoing breast cancer or have had breast cancer in the past.
  • I have liver problems.
  • I have a chronic medical problem.
  • I take a variety of medication.

You need to consider your current contraception before having an implant fitted. Please consider whether the following statements apply to you and follow the advice:

If any of the below apply to you then please continue with current method up to the fitting appointment and for seven days after fitting.

  • I have had an LNG-IUD / Cu-IUD fitted that has not run out yet
  • I had an injection that has not run out.
  • I have been using pills or patches with no problems or forgotten pills.
  • I have been using condoms every time and have had no split condoms or problems.
  • I have an implant that has not run out.

Please note…..

  • You can have this implant removed at the same time as fitting a new one, even if your implant has not run out. When booking your appointment please ask for an implant removal and refit appointment.

If any of the below apply to you then please abstain from sexual intercourse or use a condom every time for at least three weeks before your fit appointment.

  • I have an LNG-IUD / Cu-IUD fitted that has run out.
  • I have an implant that has run out.
  • My injection is overdue.
  • I have taken emergency contraception in the last month.
  • I have forgotten 1 or more pills or left my patch off or had a broken condom.
  • I am using the withdrawal method, natural family planning or no contraception.

Please note….

  • We may need to do a pregnancy test when you attend clinic so please be able to provide a urine sample or bring one with you. If we do not do the pregnancy test we may not be able to fit the device.
  • If you have had a baby then we can fit the implant any time after the birth of your baby. If it is more than 21 days after delivery and you wish to start having sexual intercourse before the fitting please make sure you are using effective contraception and use the rules above about when we will be able to fit the device.

Before you attend your fit appointment, please make sure that you can answer yes to the following statements:

  • I have read the information about the implant
  • I have followed the advice about contraception and not having sex
  • I understand that the clinician will not fit the implant if they are concerned that I may be pregnant
  • I understand that an implant may fail as contraception in less than 1 woman in every 1000 that have them fitted.
  • I understand that I must use additional contraception or abstain from sexual intercourse for 7 days after my implant is fitted.
  • I understand that I may have significant bruising after the procedure.
  • I understand that I will have a small scar.
  • I understand that there is a small risk of infection after the procedure and will seek medical advice if the implant site becomes red, hot and swollen.
  • I understand there is a rare risk of implant migration and intravascular insertion.
  • I understand there is a rare risk of neurovascular damage.
  • I understand that occasionally implants are difficult to remove.
  • I understand that it is recommended that I palpate my implant a regular intervals and if I cannot feel the implant or it feels broken, I will use alternative contraception and seek medical advice.
  • I know that my bleeding pattern will change and that I may experience no periods, irregular bleeding or prolonged bleeding.


You can find more information about the implant here 


To book your implant fit please call our central booking line on 01903 285199.


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