Sexual health and wellbeing for all ages

Sexual Health & Wellbeing for all ages


What about sex and relationship as I grow older?

Sex and intimate relationships are a normal part of life and important to health and wellbeing, regardless of age.  Sex has been shown to have positive links with maintaining good physical and emotional health.

Growing older does not mean that sex becomes less important, or that people should expect to experience less pleasure & intimacy. 

Talking about sex, relationship and health worries, doesn’t always get easier as we get older, either.   This may mean that problems or concerns aren’t shared or addressed, due to feelings of embarrassment or shame.  We want to change that.


Looking after your sexual health

Many of us missed out on the sex and relationship education earlier in life that young people currently receive.  This should not mean you have to miss out now.  Knowledge on how to keep yourself fit, healthy and safe, is vital. 

We know that sexually transmitted infections have grown quickly in UK adults over the age of 50, so if you are dating, don’t forget that condoms aren’t just to protect against pregnancy, they’re really effective at preventing STIs. 

Ask new partners if they have had a sexual health check recently, and get yourself tested too.  For heterosexual people we recommend testing at least once per year.  If you are a man who has sex with other men, get yourself tested every three months.  The more people you are sexually active with, the better it is to test more often.


For information on sex and relationships in later life:

If you do want confidential information, advice or support, there is a range of services available to you or your loved ones, to help you maintain happy, healthy sex lives.


How can I get help?

If you have concerns, a sexual problem or want to get yourself checked, Sexual Health West Sussex are here to help you maintain good sexual health.  We offer free, confidential services across West Sussex, provided by a skilled, caring team.

Are there any problems I can’t get help with?

For health needs and concerns relating to menopause, please go to your GP

For relationship difficulties which aren’t caused by a sexual problem



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