Whether or not you’ve had a pregnancy test; you should see a member of the maternity team; such as your GP or midwife; as soon as you think you’re pregnant. Being pregnant may affect the treatment of any current or future illness.
Your pregnancy will be treated confidentially; even if you’re under 16.

Your maternity team will advise you about the antenatal care choices in your local area.  

If you wish to register with a midwife; or you’re not yet registered with a GP and would like to see a doctor; use the maternity service search to find one near you. 

Find out about the signs and symptoms of pregnancy and taking a pregnancy test. 

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Need a pregnancy test?

You are welcome to attend any of our clinics for a pregnancy test.

You can also get a test from some GPs and NHS walk-in clinics; or buy one from a pharmacy or supermarket.

You can do a pregnancy test from the first day of a missed period.  If you do not have regular periods; or think you have had a lighter/shorter period and been at risk of pregnancy; the earliest you can do a pregnancy test is 21 days (3 weeks) after your last risk. This is because it takes this long for the hormone levels to show up.

Pregnancy tests are not affected by your contraception; and are very reliable if carried out correctly.

If a test is negative but your period has not arrived a week later; it’s best to take another test.  Periods may be late for several reasons; including medical problems; stress; or a change in your contraception.

If you think you might be pregnant its best to take a test to find out as soon as possible.  The earlier a pregnancy is known about; the more options you have.


Termination / abortion

Abortion means ending an unwanted pregnancy; either through using medicines (drugs) or a surgical procedure.

Abortions are free on the NHS and you can be referred by your GP or a doctor or nurse from the sexual health clinic.

Alternatively you can refer yourself for an abortion. Information about referring yourself can be found at:

·         Marie Stopes     

·         Bpas   

Full details of the different procedures will be explained by a doctor or nurse when you attend the termination service.

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