Skype® Consultations



Only pre-selected candidates will eligible for this service 

Before commencing this service there are things you should be aware of.


General information

  • All your sensitive/confidential information will be treated securely.
  • Your Skype® appointment is booked and documented in the same way as a face-to-face consultation. We will not store a recording of the call.
  • If you wish to record the session on a personal device, we request you inform the clinician before the appointment.
  • We are unable to provide consultations using other video call platforms (e.g. FaceTime, WhatsApp)
  • Poor quality internet connections can interfere with the quality of the video conference. Please ensure the internet connection in the location you wish to hold the appointment is adequate.
  • You can opt out of using this service at any time. If you wish to do so, please contact your care professional and ask to opt out of Skype® communication.
  • Skype® provides their service for free, we don’t have a contract with them or any way of ensuring the reliability, quality or security of the service on your personal devices.
  • We are unable to provide tech support for Skype®. You are responsible for the account set up and maintenance. For account set up and help, please refer to Skype® directly
  • Skype® must only be used for voice and video conversations. Instant Messaging and file transfer services MUST NOT be used at any time with your clinician.
  • Online services send data across the internet in an encrypted format, however we can not guarantee that this method of communication is 100% secure.

Skype® account information

  • Prepare for the video call at least 15 minutes before the appointment starts to ensure there are no technical issues.
  • Connect to Wi-Fi, if you can, so you are not using your own data allowance.
  • Make yourself comfortable in a private and quiet room, where you will not be overheard or disturbed.
  • The clinician will also be in a private room for the appointment.
  • If using a PC please check the webcam/camera, microphone and speakers are fully functional
  • The clinician will run through a few security questions and ask if you are happy to continue.
  • At the end the clinician will exit the appointment and close the session.

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