Treating Chlamydia

Treating Chlamydia


Your appointment

When you come for your appointment we answer any questions about your infection and treatment.  The Sexual Health Adviser will also ask about ‘partner notification’.


What is Partner Notification?

Sexual partners may not have any signs or symptoms so may not know they have an infection.  Letting them know so they can get tests and treatment is known as ‘partner notification’.


How do I know who to tell?

Getting accurate information about the infection will help you think about who should be contacted so that they can get tests and treatment, too.  The Sexual Health Adviser will help you with questions such as:

  • How could I have got this infection?
  • Can I still get it if I’ve used a condom?
  • How long could I have had it for?
  • How will it affect me?
  • Who could I have got it from?
  • Who could I have passed it on to?
  • How do I tell them?

So this appointment is important for your sexual health and the sexual health of other people.


How do I take my treatment?

The Sexual Health Adviser will explain how to take your antibiotics and how to manage your sex life until the infection has gone.  The treatment is free and the sexual health adviser can arrange treatment for your partner(s), too.


How do I tell my partner(s)?

It can be difficult to tell partners and the sexual health adviser will help you with this.  If it’s too hard for you to contact partners yourself, the Sexual Health Adviser can contact them confidentially, without disclosing that it involves you – you can ask about this at your appointment.


What will I be asked?

During the appointment you will be asked about who you are having/have had sex with over a period of time.  Any information you give is used to help ensure that current and ex partners get the tests and treatment they need.  Your attendance and anything you have discussed is kept strictly confidential.

At the end of the appointment a plan can be agreed about who may need to be contacted and arrangements are made for your follow up.

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